1st Mobility Era Talk Show & “Let’s Get Smarter this year”, Christmas Market

We decided to organize a Talk Show because game-based knowledge deserves special attention due to its significant potential and impact it can make on students’ busy agendas and teachers’ busy schedule.

What does a Talk Show imply? If you watched any American Talk Shows you will immediately notice that it is a conversation with a personal chat, yet where participants take a broader topic for examination, either a launch of a new book or a movie.

Our guests are outstanding in their fields and here is a line-up for today:

Join us on the 15th of December at 16:30 for a lively discussion on how to make games serve us best in education, followed by the launch of Mobility Era APP and a lottery, with many winning prizes!!

We will LIVE stream on Mobility Era Game Facebook and Instagram page. The event is for managers in education, teachers and students.

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