New team at Mobility Era Game and our Social Entrepreneurship endeavour

After a fruitful first period as a master’s student at United Nations University-MERIT & Maastricht University, now the time has come for my specialization in Social Entrepreneurship.

Questioning my future career, last year I came across a new expanding world where businesses take responsibility and contribute to a systemic change by creating social value.¹ The will of pursuing the values of inclusion, social innovation and sustainability led me to explore this world. The way businesses operate must be changed now for our Planet and society by joining forces and expertise in economic, social and environmental fields.² 

Alongside an academic approach to the subject, the University has recently offered us the valuable opportunity to start a project with a social enterprise to get hands-on experience and improve our skills.
I am excited to announce my involvement as “Communication and Partnership Manager” for Researchista³ for the next four months.

Researchista stems from the intuition and courage of Dr. Irina Burlacu de Paoli who wants to help researchers to transmit their findings in a creative and accessible way to every member of the society. In an inspiring way, Irina has turned her Phd thesis into a board game (now also app): Mobility Era Game⁴ aims to educate young people in schools and universities on tax management and welfare systems in Europe.

I am honored to be able to take an active part in this cause and to work with my enthusiastic and talented team: Sharada KerkarEmma Lengel and Dana Ma’arouf!

By: Noemi Lanzolla

1. Jean-Baptiste Say, quoted in J. Gregory Dees, “The Meaning of ‘Social Entrepreneurship,” reformatted and revised, May 30, 2001.
2. Duncan Green (2014) ” Why social entrepreneurship has become a distraction: it’s mainstream capitalism that needs to change:
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