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Live Mobility Era Game           15 December at 17:00

Facebook & Instagram           CET, Amsterdam

Join us for a Talk Show on why and how we can make use of games while at school, at home or at the university? What is the new era educational gaming about, why games are now becoming so important? 


Financial and fiscal education is fun together. Play Your Taxes Band will tackle separately the topic on how fiscal education will change our lives? 


After the Talk Show, we will officially launch our APP, our web-site with winning prizes and more!


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By playing the exciting and gripping board game the students live a life as an European citizen and learn about economics, social situations, geography, math and the EU. The realistic game is very suitable to give students a motivating idea of European citizenship and the EU as a whole


— Bernd Namislo, High Scool Director, Obertraubling (Germany)

“Students of a linguistic high school of Rome have played the board game created for the TAXEDU project. The players have faced the different situations of life (looking for a job, starting a new business, marriage, birth of a son, etc.) relating with the tax systems of the European States. Through the game they have verified how taxes affect on our lives. The result? The students have fun and have tested their knowledge of English language, taxation and…geography.”


— Alessandra Gambadoro, TaxEdu Italy

We tried a great game – „ Mobility era“ and we already have the first winner in Lithuania (probably worldwide). I really want to tell everyone about this game so I tried it out with my family. Everyone liked the game, especially wondering where and what the taxes and average wages were. It took a little longer to figure out how to exchange the earned ECUs into HaPs, but we got it later.


— TaxEdu Lithuania