1st Mobility Era Talk Show & “Let’s Get Smarter this year”, Christmas Market

We decided to organize a Talk Show because game-based knowledge deserves special attention due to its significant potential and impact it can make on students’ busy agendas and teachers’ busy schedule.

What does a Talk Show imply? If you watched any American Talk Shows you will immediately notice that it is a conversation with a personal chat, yet where participants take a broader topic for examination, either a launch of a new book or a movie.

Our guests are outstanding in their fields and here is a line-up for today:

Join us on the 15th of December at 16:30 for a lively discussion on how to make games serve us best in education, followed by the launch of Mobility Era APP and a lottery, with many winning prizes!!

We will LIVE stream on Mobility Era Game Facebook and Instagram page. The event is for managers in education, teachers and students.

Educational applications of games: carving the way to an educational APP.

As we launch the Mobility Era Game app, we would like to introduce you in more depth on the functionality of the app and the process of creating an app that is specifically addressed to education sector.

Full journey will be visible to the public in the last week of this year.

Board Games on highly technical subjects solving a gap in education. The case of fiscal education.

As the game launched from the start on a topic that is delicate and often challenging, both to understand and to explain – such as taxes. Who wants to pay their taxes with joy? Not to mention, who wants to play a game on taxes?

While developing the board game, we have to confess the resistance was high and questions were asked. Researchista – the author of the game – is a researcher, not a governmental representative, hence there was no interest to develop a game that would aim to increase tax compliance in particular.

Instead, the whole idea is to raise awareness on how fiscal system in most of the European countries is the back bone of the welfare state and we all enjoy when we can rely on an extra income support, when we are not able to. For example, when we are unemployed, don’t we enjoy to receive an unemployment benefit? When we don’t have enough money to raise our child or living life, isn’t it nice to receive social assistance benefit to provide a living?

Without aiming to sound accusatory or normative, this game is more of a reminder to have fun as much as we can while engaging our brain and use this tool to enjoy learning new things!