App + Board Game packages


App & Board Game packages include:

  • unlimited possibilities to adjust the questions by your discipline
  • 1 board game to test in class
  • Leaderboard per team/class/group


App & Board Game package includes:

  1. Free of charge board game to test in your own class/group/setting and get a jest of it.
  2. Unlimited possibilities to adjust the questions suitable to a preferred topic/discipline.
  3. Free score board (Leaderboard) that can be compared across 1 team/class/school or across organizations. Suitable to school competitions, large companies.

The price of 5 Euros is symbolic and it is added to your purchase after the final decision on format of preferred game (topic, number of people). The amount is primarily addressed to the purchase of the app license and is refunded if you decide to not proceed further with a license fee per user.

License based fee:
1-50 players
50-100 players
100- 200 players
200 – 500 players
500 – 1000+ players


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