HIGH-SCHOOL course package



  1. Introductory video and Slides (A) in ppt. and pdf.
  2. Two Mobility Era board games.
  3. Full access to Mobility Era app BETA version*.


If you teach geography, math, general economy, civic education, EU studies and any other-related discipline, this game can be of great help. The package includes 1+1 board games*

High-school Track package has the following objectives:

  1. To ensure smooth application of the game in your course.
  2. To provide a dynamic perspective of your course by providing individual or group assignments.
  3. To gain time by avoiding explaining the instructions, based on play-as-you-go principle


  1. Plan 15 minutes of your time to introduce the board game + APP by using Slides A.
  2. Plan 60 minutes (or 90 minutes, if possible) of your class to play the board game.
  3. Offer gaming prize to the best winning student by utilizing the game included in the package (1+1)

*Promotion valid till 15.12.2021


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